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Imagine. The comforting aroma of Italian bread baking in an oven. The idyllic scene of a small, two-story, brick building housing a bakery down by the river. The unbridled enthusiasm of three young Sicilian men, who dreamed of making their fortune by baking the best Italian bread for miles around and selling it to friends and neighbors. Sounds like an old-world scenario direct from the streets of Italy, doesn't it? In fact, that scenario describes the 1923 founding of the Roma Bakery in Kansas City, Missouri.  

In 1921, three young men - Joseph Filardo, his cousin,
Joseph Cusamano, and brother-in-law, Jack Binaggia -
immigrated from Italy to the United States of America,
ending their journey in the growing metropolis of Kansas City.
  Needing a way to support themselves and their families in this new land, they searched their life experiences for something they could offer the people of Kansas City. One childhood memory that they all shared was the family tradition of evening dinner ­ a chance for all members of a family to gather around the table to share the day's events as well as a delicious home-cooked meal. Although the main course would change each night, one food item remained constant ­ the bread. It wasn't dinnertime without a loaf or two of crusty, Italian bread located right in the middle of the dinner table for all to share.
The three friends realized that a wave of European immigrants would soon be coming to America. These new citizens would be looking for reminders of home. Italian breads, cookies, pies and other pastries could be that reminder. At the same time, a small, two-story bakery shop in downtown Kansas City near the Missouri River was up for sale. Although none of the three men knew anything about baking bread, they relied on the same adventurous spirit, ingenuity, and strong work ethic that brought them to America and bought the little bakery. As their first official act, the partners decided to name their new venture in honor of Italy's capital city, Rome. With that, the Roma Bakery was born!  
  When it opened, the Roma Bakery was also a small grocery store selling Italian sausage, pasta, and other canned goods. But the items that really brought the customers in the door were the delicious baked goods. As Kansas City continued to grow, more and more restaurants and grocery stores popped up around the city, too. It wasn't long before the tables of many private homes and fine restaurants plus the shelves of the largest grocery stores featured Roma Bakery products. The Roma name was synonymous with high quality and the use of old-world baking techniques and recipes. And it still is!
In 1990, Marco Filardo, president of Roma Bakery and the founder's son, sold the bakery to a third generation of Filardos, his sons, John and Carl. In partnership with their uncle, Mike Quarrato, the Filardo brothers were determined to maintain the high quality bakery products, strong work ethic, and customer loyalty for which the Roma Bakery was known. Although crusty Italian breads remained the foundation of the bakery's business, the partners decided to expand their product line by producing dinner rolls, hamburger buns, Kaiser buns, rye bread, and other bakery goods.  
Tragedy struck in 1992 when the Roma Bakery was destroyed by fire. But that fire did not destroy the family's dream of providing Kansas City residents with the finest, high-quality bread products. At this time, another milestone in the bakery's history was reached when a special business relationship was formed with Rotella's Italian Bakery in Omaha, Nebraska ­ a relationship that continues strong today.

Based on the dreams of three, young Italian immigrants to America, who wanted to share their childhood memories of breaking bread at the family dinner table with their new friends and neighbors, the Roma Bakery is still known for high-quality bakery goods that are produced by using the baking techniques and recipes of the old world.

The Roma Bakery family looks forward to sharing our tradition of fine bakery goods supported by excellent service with you soon.